Well hello there…

I’m Suzanne! Wedding planner, event designer, and logistical guru.

I believe that the success of your wedding planning process hinges on the strength of the relationship you have with your planner. I strive to create genuine connections with all of my clients and their families in order to develop strong partnerships and, in many cases, lasting friendships. As your planner, I will be your counselor, advocate, negotiator, and likely your therapist. A few things about me:

  • I love my Southern roots - food, music, and all of our hilarious expressions (if you aren’t familiar with these well, bless your heart)

  • I’m a native Georgia Peach and UGA grad (Go Dawgs!)

  • I’ve been married so long my wedding photos weren’t digital and I didn’t have a hashtag

  • I don’t take myself too seriously and can find humor in almost every situation (we are going to laugh!)

  • I am a musical theatre and live music junkie

  • I am currently navigating through the wild world of raising a teenager. Send wine.