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Top 10 Wedding Planning Mistakes

Every Couple Should Avoid Making

Wedding planning can be an incredibly stressful process, but it doesn’t have to be! A lot of this stress is unnecessarily caused by things that can be easily avoided with a little preparation, strategy, and communication. I’ve identified 10 of the biggest mistakes I help engaged couples avoid. Before you run out and book a venue, give it a read.

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Navigating The Guest List Minefield

How long were you engaged before you took to social media to share your amazing news with your friends and family? Whether you broke a world record or waited until your engagement ring was perfectly sized and polished (it's all about "the hand shot", am I right?), at some point you made an announcement to the world. And that nice-but-not-your-style co-worker wouldn't stop asking if you had picked a date. I'm here to tell you to tune out the noise, let go of the guilt, and invite the people you adore. Your guest list should be full of special people you can't wait to see and celebrate with. Not a list of who's who in the community because it will "look good" or because you don't want to upset someone. 

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